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The Stranger I Met is out! Get your copy now.
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What will you do if a series of unfortunate events hammers you all in one night?


Copywriter Ruth Ignacio chooses to run away, but she drives straight into more misfortune. She then finds comfort in the company of a stranger, who lends her a listening ear. Ruth is beyond broken, but as she tries to recover, something unexpected comes along. 


Can Ruth pause to give it time and attention? 


The Stranger I Met is a story about losing almost everything, moving on, and bouncing back--with a sweet, little surprise on the side. 


Author: Katherine Lopez
Copy Editor: Paula Abiog
Line Editor/Cover Designer: Author Kath Eustaquio-Derla
Online Publisher: Jester Derla and Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla under PaperKatBooks 

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