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How to feel better when everything just sucks

I am feeling better now. My mood has improved over the past few days, and I am happy about that. I came face to face my biggest trigger last Monday, and it pulled me down. But thankfully, I did not spiral down that much. There are still traces of that stressful encounter, but I am soldiering on.

One thing that helped me with managing my mood is yoga. I'm now doing it twice a week, and not only did it help relieve tension in my back muscles, but it also helped clear my mind. Devoting an hour of yoga means giving my mind a quiet time. The moment I step onto my mat, I know that I can isolate myself from everything even for just a short while.

There was even a night last week when, as I lied on my mat for my final pose, I saw the full moon from the window. It was as if the moon was watching me and was with me during my session. The moon was beautiful, and so was my yoga experience.

Reading has also been a great help. When I was at my lowest because of my depressive episodes that never seemed to end, I read Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. Her wit and sense of humor and the novels' entertaining plots helped me through a difficult time. The novels cheered me up. Now, I am reading Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed, and it is doing the same.

And of course, talking to Pam tops everything. When we talk, we both release tension. We rant. We tell each other about our messed up moods. We tell each other how we feel. And it helps a great deal. I am glad she is my friend.

I don't know how my mood will be in the next coming days. I just hope I continue to feel better, or at the very least, I don't feel worse.

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