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How I discovered a new hobby

One way of getting through a depressive episode is keeping myself busy (that is, if I am not drained of all my energy). Thankfully, I've found a new hobby, and this making DIY jewelry.

It started as a necessity. I broke the hook of one of my pearl earrings. These earrings were from my then boyfriend (now fiance), and I wanted to repair them. I did not want to get new earrings just because one of my existing ones got broken. I knew I had to find earring components, but back then, I did not know where to find those.

So of course, I went to everyone's best friend: Google! I found an online shop in Manila where I could buy different materials for jewelry-making. I found the earring components that I was looking for, and they were so affordable. The delivery even costs more! In order to make the delivery worth it, I decided to buy materials for bracelet-making. I told myself, "Hey, why not try making some? You might enjoy it." And I did.

When the parcel arrived at our boarding house, I was like a kid who received a new toy! I opened it and unpacked the items, which include bracelet chains, charms, earring locks, the earring components I was looking for, lobster locks for bracelets, a bottle of jewelry glue, a wire-cutter, and a pair of small, long-nose pliers.

The parcel also had jump rings. Too bad split rings were not available at that online store. I needed split rings for bracelet-making because they could better support bracelet charms. So I went on another Google search and found another shop selling jewelry-making materials. That shop had jump rings, so I ordered some along with additional bracelet charms.

When the second parcel arrived, I got to work. I repaired my broken pearl earring, and I am wearing the pair as I type this blog entry. Then, I started making a couple of bracelets first. And I loved how they turned out.

This unicorns-and-hearts combo is my favorite. I already bought packs of these unicorns and hearts so I can make several bracelets with this design.

This four-leaf clover bracelet may be simple, but I think it's elegant. This is my second DIY bracelet.

After finishing this, I made one for my mom as gift for Mother's Day and another one for my psychiatrist. I am glad they both loved the bracelets I made for them.

So hooray to finding a new hobby! Little did I know that I was bound to unlock a project that I could also be passionate in just because of a broken earring.

I have made several bracelets already, and soon, I will put them up here in my website for sale. Do you have some bracelet charms in mind? Do you like hears and unicorns, too? What about musical instruments? Comment below or send me an email at to let me know so I can make a bracelet for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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